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Chocolate dreaming​

Chocolate sponge, Dulce de leche, Whiskey infused mousse, toasted hazelnuts.

Lemon lovers

Lemon cake, White chocolate ganache, Lemon curd, Blueberry compote, Lemon buttercream.

Summer days

Coconut cake, cream cheese icing, Pineapple topping, toasted flaked coconut, White chocolate ganache.

Neapolitan twist

Chocolate sponge, White chocolate ganache, Mixed berry compote, Fresh whipped cream, Vanilla buttercream.

Two of a kind

Marble cake, White chocolate buttercream, Oreos, White chocolate ganache, dark chocolate ganache.

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Carrot cake, White chocolate buttercream, toasted Pecan​, Dulce de leche. 


Vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream

Chocolate is life

Chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream


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